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01.2017  Screening in Berlin
The Lyric Clip i made for Adrian Kasnitz’ poem “Einkaufen mit Andreas Gursky” will be screened in Berlin on 24.01. 2017. Check it out when you are interested and got time!
Tuesday, January 24 at 7 PM – 10 PM

01.2017. Fashion Obsession in Düsseldorf
Fashion Obsession Project i designed a dress made of wigs “Go Fur…yourself”
Wednesday, January 18 7 PM – 10 PM


Are wigs after all proud or shameful? a symbol of fashion or just an awkward reminder of mortal coil? A dress entirely made of wigs amplified both aesthetic and ridiculous aspects of its attributes, and push to extremes with an almost primitive, animal-like look and feel.

(Literaturklub Köln)
The Lyric Clip i made for Adrian Kasnitz’ poem “Einkaufen mit Andreas Gursky” will be screened again in Cologne on 12.12. 2016. Check it out when you are interested and got time!
Der Lyrik Clip “Einkaufen mit Andreas Gursky”, den ich aus dem Gedicht von Adrian Kasnitz gedreht habe, wird am 12.12.2016 wieder in Köln gezeigt. Guck mal, wenn ihr Zeit und Lust habt!

Literaturklub: Poetry und Poesiefilme
Montag: 8 PM – 11 PM (12.12.2016)

10.2016 Zebra Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin
(#artnews #lueshaart) Two of my clips will be screened tomorrow at ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin, in which “Einkaufen mit Andreas Gursky” was nominated by the festival.
Venue: Schloßtheater, Münster
Time: Saturday 16:30 (29.10.2016)
Saturday 17:30 (29.10.2016)
Sunday 15:00(30.10.2016)
Zwei meiner Lyrik-Clips werden morgen auf ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin gezeigt, von den beiden wurde “Einkaufen mit Andreas Gursky” für NRW Wettbewerb nominiert .
Ort: Schloßtheater, Münster
Datum und Zeit: Samstag 16:30 (29.10.2016)
Samstag 17:30 (29.10.2016)
Sonntag 15:00(30.10.2016)


“Einkaufen mit Andreas Gursky”(Shopping with Andreas Gursky)
A German poem written and read by Adrian Kasnitz, based on this concept i made a stop motion lyric clip, using found material cut out from supermarket flyers. Enjoy!

Einkaufen mit Andreas Gursky(Shopping with Andreas Gursky) – Stop Motion Lyric Clip from Lü Sha on Vimeo.

My article about German Installation artist Julian Rosefeldt is published on “Art News of China”, the largest state owned art publication under Ministry of Culture and China National Academy of Painting. Online version and English translation coming soon.

‘verschoben’ – Pictogram Animation screening in Bonn from Lü Sha on Vimeo.

‘verschoben’ – Pictogram Animation with Looping made for public space in Bonn from Lü Sha on Vimeo.

Medienwand Project – “verschoben”, this title is my latest animation now screening on Medienwand at Sparda bank in Bonn, screening starting from 29.09.2015, check it out in Bonn or here online.


Video teaser made for gothic band Lacrimosa’s 25th anniversary album “Hoffnung” released.

Lü Sha


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